User Agreement


User Agreement


This Undertaking has been prepared to ensure that the entrepreneurial groups who will benefit from the opportunities such as venture analysis and investment matching by applying to IN4S VENTURE SOFTWARE CONSULTANCY INC.'s entrepreneur and investor matching platform and all members of this group know and accept all the provisions and conditions expressed in this Undertaking.


During and after the application stage to platform, including all written and oral sharing by us:

2.1. We assure that all information we provide is correct and reflects the truth.

2.2. We assure that the intellectual property related to the business idea is unique and belongs only to our group members.

2.3. We assure that all kinds of works that can be considered as works, designs, ideas, are in compliance with the relevant legal regulations, and no infringement has been made on the Intellectual and Industrial Property rights of natural and legal persons and organizations. We confirm that we will not engage in any illegal actions that may be subject to unfair competition, and that we are solely responsible for any claims for rights or compensation that may arise from third parties in this context.

2.4. We confirm that we are solely responsible for any consequences that may arise from the presence of the "dependent patent" of any work that can be considered as a work, design, and/or idea and the patent holder's claim for copyright in this regard. In case such a situation occurs, we will inform IN4S VENTURE SOFTWARE CONSULTANCY INC. management immediately.

2.5. We acknowledge that if there is a situation to the contrary of our obligations during these stages and/or if claims by third parties arise, and/or if it is concluded by IN4S VENTURE SOFTWARE CONSULTANCY INC. management that we have acted against our application stage obligations, we may be expelled from the platform. We also acknowledge that in such a case, we must immediately return all kinds of direct support, rewards, and other resources given to us for this project until that date, and we will not make any claims or demands regarding this matter, and our sole responsible party in this matter is ourselves.


Article 3 - Obligations Regarding the Platform

During the time we are on the platform:

3.1. We undertake to comply with all rules and regulations related to the program that are notified to us in writing or verbally.

3.2. We will not interfere with or harm the projects or work of other entrepreneurial groups and if any harm occurs, we will immediately and fully compensate for the damage in cash.

3.3. We will make every effort to ensure that the information about our project/venture in the program records is accurate, complete, and up-to-date.

Article 4 - Obligations Regarding Analysis, Consulting, Networking, Matchmaking and Mentoring Processes of Platform

During the program, in the consultancy, education, and mentoring programs assigned to us, as well as in the analysis and similar studies:

4.1. We acknowledge that our participation in all educational, consultancy, mentoring, and investment sessions organized within the program is beneficial and mandatory.

4.2. We understand that at least one member of our group will participate in mentoring and consultancy sessions and investment meetings.

4.3. We will make the necessary effort and utmost use of the support and consultancy services provided by mentors in good faith and without any material interest.

4.4. We acknowledge that during the time we are registered and active on the platform, we are required to attend all mentoring sessions, including consultancy, with a 100% attendance rate. We understand that if we fail to meet this requirement, our access to the program facilities may be suspended permanently, and we may be completely removed from the program.

We hereby accept, declare, and undertake these obligations.



Regarding intellectual property rights and confidentiality:

5.1. We pledge to keep confidential any trade secrets and inventions that we put forward within the team. If the project is disclosed with the approval of our group, we accept responsibility for any problems that may arise regarding intellectual property rights, and we acknowledge and accept that IN4S VENTURE cannot be held responsible.

5.2. We acknowledge that group members are responsible to each other for all kinds of intellectual and industrial property rights. It is the responsibility of the group members to regulate these rights among themselves. We acknowledge and accept that IN4S VENTURE SOFTWARE CONSULTING INC. is not a party in any disputes that may arise among group members within the entrepreneurial group, and that IN4S VENTURE SOFTWARE CONSULTING INC. will not be an arbitrator in these disputes.

5.3. We pledge to comply indefinitely with the confidentiality provisions in this commitment for any kind of confidential information that we may learn during the program, as well as for other projects or subjects. We accept that we are responsible for any damage, loss or demand that may arise if we disclose this confidential information to any third parties under any circumstances.

5.4. We grant our prior consent for all kinds of promotion and commercialization activities, including written, verbal, visual promotion, press, and publication activities that will be carried out by the management during all stages of the program regarding our project, without limitation. We agree that we will keep confidential the part of the project content containing trade secrets and that should not be disclosed, and we grant our prior consent to written, verbal, visual promotion, press, and publication activities to be carried out by management if we do not make any written notifications. We acknowledge and accept that we have no right to object in this regard.

We hereby accept, declare and pledge.



6.1. We hereby acknowledge that we are solely responsible for any and all requests that may receive regarding our project.

6.2. We commit to always prioritize the interests of IN4S GİRİŞİM YAZILIM DANIŞMANLIK AŞ with this commitment, and to maintain its prestige and reputation at all times. We will not engage in any behavior that may damage the reputation of this institution or organization.

6.3. We acknowledge that we are obliged to comply with all laws, regulations, notifications, directives, and other legal regulations and guidelines that IN4S GİRİŞİM YAZILIM DANIŞMANLIK AŞ is subject to.

6.4. We acknowledge and accept the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Law No. 6698, and that any personal data we share with IN4S GİRİŞİM YAZILIM DANIŞMANLIK AŞ in accordance with relevant legislation, this commitment, and the platform membership obligations, will be collected, recorded, processed, stored, used, transferred, and shared with IN4S GİRİŞİM YAZILIM DANIŞMANLIK A.Ş.'s domestic and international subsidiaries and relevant institutions and organizations, for the purposes of conducting investment/entrepreneurship program application processes, evaluating investment/entrepreneurship program applications, conducting communication activities, conducting product/service marketing processes, conducting marketing analysis studies, conducting advertising, promotion, announcement processes, and providing consultancy, mentoring, and business development services presented to us within the scope of investment/entrepreneurship programs, and for the purpose of developing our project/business idea, as explained in the Information Text below.

We hereby accept, declare, and undertake all of the above.

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