in4startups is a digital platform that brings entrepreneurs and investors together in a common framework. It facilitates the investment process, which is an important part of the entrepreneurship ecosystem, for both entrepreneurs and investors, and presents it to you in a digital investment network. in4startups; After entrepreneurs and investors apply to the in4startup platform, after evaluating their own initiatives for entrepreneurs such as venture analysis, technical analysis and financial analysis, it matches the parties with the smart scoring system on the strategic expectations of the investors. In this direction, while guiding the parties in the entrepreneurship ecosystem, it allows thousands of startups to be discovered. What you can discover thanks to in4startup;

Acceleration programs help creative entrepreneurs bring their ideas to life. The investment process allows your startup to grow in the market and compete with your competitors.

With investments, it helps you reach your target venture capital. Investing in Startups; It provides a chance to invest in innovative projects of visionary entrepreneurs who are designing new markets with high growth potential, new technology or a new form of production or service.

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