A Sustainable City Strategy; Entrepreneurship


A Sustainable City Strategy; Entrepreneurship

The term sustainability, which originally defined economic activities and development, has now expanded beyond its purely economic meaning and can be seen in various fields such as sustainable environment, sustainable cities, sustainable transportation, sustainable consumption, sustainable architecture, etc.

With the Sustainable City Conference held in Rio in 2000, the concept of sustainability began to be associated with cities. The approach to urban sustainability includes controlling the growth rate and planning land use, designing cities, housing, equality, transportation options, protecting and renewing the environment, energy and material use, green architecture and environmental justice, economic development, and population issues.

"When the concept of sustainability is applied to the city, it means that the urban area and region will continue to function at the desired level of quality of life for society, but at the same time not limiting the choices of current and future generations, and not causing negative effects inside and outside urban boundaries."

The concept of urban sustainability is becoming increasingly important for determining the extent to which countries achieve their development goals. The 17 Sustainable Development Goals identified by the United Nations through which we can make the world a better place and transfer today's resources to future generations concern all of us. It is not only up to governments and institutions, but also up to us to make our world (our cities) a more livable place.

In the last 10 years, with the widespread adoption of the concept of entrepreneurship, especially technology-based entrepreneurship, startups have begun to play a very critical role in urban sustainability.

Initiatives aimed at providing innovative solutions to urban sustainability issues have already started to achieve success on a world-changing scale. I would like to share some of the initiatives that mobilize the energy of cities towards sustainability and suggest that another world is possible (apologizing for not being able to include many successful examples in my writing).

A2 TECHNOLOGY; Offers advanced solutions in license plate recognition systems, electronic monitoring systems, and video content analysis in cities with scenario-based unique video analysis algorithms based on artificial intelligence and machine learning methodologies.

REENGEN; A start-up with an IoT platform that enables the management of solar panels in public areas under a single roof.

NANOSILVER; Using ecological technologies, develops hygiene solutions based on nanosilver for social areas in municipalities. Not only for individuals but also for our furry friends.

It was an important task for me to share with you the initiatives that develop technological solutions for all Sustainable Development Goals, especially Sustainable Cities and Communities, and strive to deliver today's resources to their future owners. By getting to know these initiatives that make all of this possible, I hope that your belief in cities' ability to preserve their souls has increased.

Technology-focused initiatives need more support from cities. Endless thanks to all urban stakeholders who prioritize urban sustainability and provide an environment for it to thrive, especially our municipalities, and the entrepreneurs who make all of this possible (the true leaders of cities).

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